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Nutrient Reduction

Nutrients are an important part of healthy aquatic ecosystems.  They support plants and other aquatic life as a necessary food source.  However, when there are too many nutrients, a variety of problems can result – including unsightly algae growth.  Fortunately, there are options to reduce the nutrient levels and help reset the health of your pond!

What is Nutrient Reduction?

One of the most common nutrients that contributes to an abundance of algae is phosphorus.  Phosphorous makes its way into ponds through a variety of organic sources like decomposing vegetation and aquatic organisms, leaf litter from nearby trees, stray grass clippings that can settle in the water, and runoff from fertilizers used on lawns surrounding the pond.  Once the phosphorus levels in a pond build-up, it becomes challenging to appropriately manage the pond and keep it clear of unwanted vegetation growth and even foul odors.  An effective management strategy will aim to reduce the volume of nutrients and restore balance to the pond’s ecosystem rather than simply treating the symptoms.  This can be done in a number of ways.

Nutrient Reduction Solutions

One of the most cost-effective management options is to ‘bind’ nutrients like phosphorus so they are unavailable as a food source and no longer support algae growth. This service is offered as part of a pond maintenance program and involves the application of a binding-agent to the water.  Successful applications result in increased water quality as well as less nutrient availability.  det365中文’s expert aquatics team will partner closely with manufacturers of the various products available to determine the best application rates and the most appropriate management strategy for your pond.

Additional services offered by det365中文 to prevent nutrient build-up include watershed management, erosion control, sediment removal, and aquatic vegetation removal to name just a few.  Interested in more information about nutrient reduction services or looking for holistic strategies to care for your environment? Contact us today!


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