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Dry Hydrant Maintenance and Repair

In rural and semi-rural areas where municipal water systems are not available, dry hydrants are used to supply water for fighting fires.  Dry hydrants act as a large straw, allowing emergency vehicles to draw water from a waterbody.  Lakes and ponds are good for dry hydrant locations as they hold the necessary water volumes for fire suppression.

Dry Hydrant

Dry Hydrant

dry hydrant diagram

Simple dry hydrant diagram

Dry Hydrant Inspections

Testing of the dry hydrant is done at least annually to verify site usability.  When a dry hydrant has lost its effectiveness, det365中文 will conduct an inspection to identify possible causes.  This may include a defect in the unit itself or possible blockages.  Careful attention is given to silt, debris, and aquatic growth that may limit the full operation of the dry hydrant.  A sediment analysis also allows us to better understand the characteristics and volume of sediment around the intake, and to make management recommendations with cost estimates.

Dry Hydrant Maintenance and Repair

Results of the dry hydrant assessments often include one or more of the following management recommendations:

  • Replacing or re-engineering of the pipe
  • Hydro jetting debris clogging the pipe
  • Dredging accumulated sediment around the intake area
  • Installing of filter media to prevent sediment and other debris from entering the system
  • Installing a native shoreline buffer to keep sediment and debris from entering the water
  • Managing aquatic vegetation
Example of a native shoreline buffer zone

Example of a native shoreline buffer zone

Regular maintenance of your dry hydrant can help prevent problems from arising in the first place.  Maintenance services include:

  • Shoreline buffer zone management to keep native plant population healthy
  • Nuisance aquatic plant control
  • Debris removal
  • Sediment mapping to track accumulation
  • Spot dredging to remove areas of accumulated sediment

Learn More About Our Dry Hydrant Inspection and Maintenance Services

det365中文 provides inspection, maintenance, and repair services to ensure that your dry hydrant is functioning safely and effectively.  Contact det365中文 today to schedule a consultation.


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